Thursday, February 08, 2007

Omnisine - Crimson Stars

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Over the two years or so he has been around Soundclick, Omnisine and his previous alter ego CJ Freq-X, have dished up some very tasty electronica - and this from a guy who doesn't particularly like the genre. I reserve my special venom and bile though for a couple of sub-genres that usually typify the mundane and emotionless; trance and techno. Most people who have read my reviews will know my own little pet hates by now and would know giving me a track like this is akin to mooning a few thousand mad mullahs at a Jihadi convention. Not something you want to lose your head over.

Ooops, sorry about that, that's another prejudice showing.

The truth is that after last months tour-de-force In The Name Of God (January 2007) I kinda wanted something a little less intense this time round but I never suspected he'd try and dump a bit of trance on me. It says everything about Omnisine's work and talent that I found my first (and subsequent) listens to this track only served to confirm that - no matter what the genre - here is a musician who always delivers a first class performance and some great melodic electronica that has his signature all over it. This, remember, from the artist who gave me my first taste of Arabic house :D

How could he fail?

Its the variance he puts into each and every sound, and the way he meshes it all together that truly symbolises what Omnisine is about. The one thing that has attracted me about his music - from the very first - is the warmness of his music, it's emotional weight. Crimson Stars is a classic case in point. Here is an absolutely bog standard 4 to the floor potboiler you will have heard a gazillion times before but not, I contend, with such style and dexterity. From arrangement to production this is a Omnisine treat for fans and newcomers. The sound and depth of complexity of the track will certainly ensure it won't wear out its welcome any time soon.

Highly Recommended trance. A genre, I might add, I detest and that should show you how good this is.

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