Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nuff X - I Didn't Come Here To Be Lied To

Hear The Track Here

My sentiments exactly and if anyone knows the truth of that it's going to be Nuff X because I did give him a rough ride back there at the beginning and - as the old saying goes - he turned out right nice. We all go through a period where we think that our earliest musical noodlings are the dogs bollocks and that absolutely EVERYONE will just love them. The deafening silence that accompanies releasing music on the net is an apt pointer to the mountain we all have to climb for any kind of respectability (among our peers, let alone our listening audience) and usually cures any newbie attraction stone dead. Unless, like Nuff X has so aptly proved, you have the wit and wherewithall to take criticism on the chin and turn it to his advantage.

To prove that he stitched 2006 through with some excellent, original electronica that gained him a great many more listeners than previous attempts. Here is another artist I tipped at the end of last year as being a serious up and comer on Soundclick for 2007, so he has everything to gain this year after having built a solid reputation for being that bit different. Describing IDCHTBLT (think about it) as 'mellow IDM' is about as misleading a statement as you can make; mellow it might well have been in your mind Nuff, it comes across all experimental when filtered through my orificies (orfici?)

And that is a distinct advantage.

It plows the current genre darling flavour of the month; glitch music, and does it most successfully. It does of course help that you have a musical structure to embed all those glorious glitches into, and it's here that Nuff X makes it work. At least for me. There is a loping style to the track, mainly coming through the bass and carried on by the echo timing when the bass is not present. The more I listened to this track the more I admired the way Nuff X stitched all this together, and there is one thing that became evident very quickly - he had a whale of a time making this track and it shows. As always, he takes an idea and puts his own personal slant on it and it works a charm.

Experimental electronica with added judder effect. Highly Recommended.

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