Friday, February 16, 2007

wehebbennoggeennaamvooronzeband - Revolution

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It's no good, I can see it on your face. The burning question of the moment. wtf happened to this artists name? Damnit, that's the closest I have ever seen words come to looking like roadkill, and believe me, I have been known to mangle the language with the best of them. Whoever wehebbennoggeennaamvooronzeband actually are, here is a tip - they are currently looking for a singer and a keyboard player. It could be you. Or it could ALL be one big joke. Time, I think, to don one's investigatory clothing for a looksee...

...only to scamper back into hiding when I discovered I myself was in for a hiding. A prog-rock hiding no less. Yep, uh oh would be a good description. Hordes of people know of my ambivalence to this genre, so lets not labour it here. Judging by the sparsness of the bands webpage, I'd hazard a guess and say they are new to Sounclick, so go over and be a good neighour and say Hi. While you are there you may as well check out Revolution, especially if prog rock floats your boats because Revolution is a pretty decent workout in that genre. Put it like this, even I found it listenable, and coming from me that is high praise indeed.

There again, I have known a great many unsigned musicians from the Netherlands and I know them to be - almost to a man, woman, child, whatever - to be unusually well schooled in music's little nuances. To be honest, its that which kept me listening to this track because - as I've stated - I don't really like listening to it. However when it's done with a modicum of style and a knowing ear, it's very successful and even an old curmedgeon like myself has to admit it. It will be an acquired taste I think, but there are plenty of people around who would find this really enjoyable.

Recommended prog rock.

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