Sunday, February 11, 2007

Policy Overkill - Chaos Theory

Hear The Track Here

As if I don't have enough on my plate this month, Policy Overkill cheerily tells me that Chaos Theory is 'something a little more off the deep end' and that he is ' trying to scare people away'. Mmmmm, nice. That's something to look forward to. It takes a lot to scare me, as many of you know, and a bit of string theory here or there never hurt anyone and the answer is 42. So if that doesn't give you some clue as to my mental condition after being trapped in my head with this pesky varmint for a couple of days, nothing will.

Unless I bite your neck.

I quote the man again; (The track is) 'maddening glitch music' Not much to say beyond that' Yes indeed. Except for a poor schmuck like me who has to come up with the words to describe to someone who really couldn't give a fekk what the music was called so long as it rocked. Or in Chaos Theory's case, splintered, imploded and any number of other painful contortions. It is safe then to assume that Chaos Theory is not the easiest track to listen to - whatever your state of mind at the time of playing - and to be absolutely honest is not something that I could generally recommend and certainly not for those people of a nervous disposition or those with a fear of a disjointed existence.

Chaos Theory is in essense an exercise in the use of a bit of kit - in this case the Glitch VST plugin and if you are looking for something meaningful from your music this is not going to be it. As a musician and a confirmed tinkerer of sound I would naturally be taken by some of the sounds (and the spaghetti-fied, jagged sequences), but I doubt that anyone other than a musician would have much interest in this. There again, it's in the Electronica: Experimental genre so I guess it fits in with the rest of the oddballs - although Chaos Theory even stretches that definition. There again, as I say, I did like the weirdness of the peice so what does that say about me?

Weird. Very, very weird.

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