Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Critical Theory - Disco

Hear The Track Here

I have a theory, and the theory is this; theory is one of the most popular bandnames ever. I mean there are bloody hundreds of them which goes to prove a point, theories are like assholes - everyone has them. Let's face it, it's either that or Project right? Anyway, after having insulted this artist within the first two sentences, I suppose I had better rein in my horns and buckle down to the job at hand. Critical Theory is one Rob Geal, a native of the wunnerful Wolverhampton here in the UK. He is, apparently according to the website blurb a working DJ who also makes his own music on the side. Kinda makes sense really, because if you know what makes people dance, making the music yourself is a logical extension.

Now I don't claim to know much about House music, other than I occasionally make a version of it (so I am told), but as usual I do have an opinion about raw music and forget the labels. So let's chow down. I can't say I was a fan of the original disco, too slick for me; although I did really get into it's later versions as 80's electropop and it's that sound that best describes this most enjoyable track. As always when faced with a new artist (or so I thought) I slammed it onto me Ipod and let it have its wicked way with me. And it did. In fact, it made such a substantial impression on me from the very first play that I began to suspect that I had actually heard this artist before and with the same high class work about it. I rummaged around the shed that houses the Gilmore archives and lo, we had met before. Dark Dub (March 2006) as you may suspect from the title got a extremely favourable reaction from me at the time, and for much the same reasons as I took to this from the first play.

Firstly, the man knows full well what he's doing, and he's no slouch at doing it as Dark Dub and Disco so amply prove. Lord alone knows what kind of kit these tracks are coming out of but the one thing I do know is that it isn't the kit that makes this track special; it's the way its handled. 'I don't know what you're waiting for...' the first line wails out immediately, tweaked into that nice voicebox sound that works so well IF it's accomplished well, and this is just perfecto mundo. What we've been waiting for mate, is a track as good as this one. Why the fekk has it taken you a year to give me another track? :D No, on second thoughts, it's probably taken you a year to make and it shows in every note. It is impossible to make a track that is so tight, where every single note makes a point without a great deal of thought about how to create it. Absolute class to the earholes and no mistake, Disco is back but I'll be damned if you are gonna squeeze me into a white suit. (Ed: he forgot to say 'ever again'...)

MUST HAVE (11¾ out of 5)

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