Sunday, February 11, 2007

Drew Warburton - Lose

Hear The Track Here

Although I know Drew Warburton through his many Soundclick postings I think I have only ever reviewed one of his tracks, so I went digging back in the archive - mainly because I think it was not a great review for him - and I like to see how an artist has progressed (or not, as they case may be). Having looked up my review of Eternally Forever (September 2004), I now see why rang such a bell. It isn't often that I am very harsh with my words but on the odd ocassion I find I really have to be. Such was the case - I thought - with Eternally Forever. It was (btw) one of the hardest (and longest) reviews I have ever written in twelve years of doing this.

So, here we are two years down the road...

First off, from what Drew says on his webpage, this appears to be a studio track of some kind and the difference to two years ago is startling. If this is him singing, and I suspect it is, then here's a rock voice that sounds authorative and distinctive. I'm wondering if the line up on this track is the same as the others (Sam Skirrow - Double Bass, Evan -Keys) oir whether this is all Drew's own work. Whatever It doesn't much matter because what comes across - albeit with a bit of a rough edge - a kinda Rolling Stones sound, if ya will. Maybe that's more because Drew pronounces I as AH in the time honoured Jagger tradition and the songs style relies heavily on the same instrumentation.

Although I couldn't put my hand on my heart and say that I took Lose to my bosom, but I did enjoy listening to it very much and look forward to hearing some more in the same vein. It isn't without it's flaws, there is a certain hesitancy about the musical track that doesn't always flow properly and I'm not sure whether the guitars at the end really work but its obviously light years away from the mauling I gave him the last time we met. Lose is, despite all that, a very reasonable stab at the classic rock genre that almost works, but is an enjoyable listen nonetheless.

Rolling Stones tinged classic rock.

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