Friday, February 16, 2007

Young Kannon - Nowhere 2 Hide

Hear The Track Here

OK, bear with me a minute here because I have to explain something. Although I am reviewing the artist Young Kannon, you will notice that the link is to the Da Luck Ent page. This is the overall name Kannon and his crew work under. Ah, you mutter, he's talking about a hip hop artist here - and damn me if you wouldn't be right. I've reviewed two or three of Kannon's tracks at this stage (including one I attributed to Dal Luck Ent - ahh, gullible Gilmore) and quite liked his style - and you know I wouldn't say that lightly.

One of things I do like about the music I have heard is that it is not afraid to experiment with sounds that you may not usually associate with hip hop and Nowhere 2 Hide is a great example of it. I have to admit that wasn't my first thought when I first encountered this track. In fact, it took some some considerable plays before the track finally clicked with me, and I think that's because of the cut up way the the intro to the track patches itself into your mind.

Either that or I've really been hitting the ol' waccy baccy a bit hard.

The other thing about this collective's work I appreciate is that the tracks really do tell a story, in most cases a gritty, hard hitting, hard nosed story. Nowhere 2 Hide features some extremely vivid vocal and musical images and - if you are not used to it - can probably be seriously upsetting, so handle with cae. For the rest of the Unshockables (probably you and me aaiight) you will either like this track or not. Personally, I think it's a terrific peice of sound cinema but not something I'd want to hang with on a regular basis. Too fekking scary for a middle class white boy like meself....

Highly graphic, Highly Recommended.

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