Wednesday, February 21, 2007

decollage - Space Zoo

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Decollage, a nice young lady from me old mate Burp's hometown Munich, has done well in the very short time she has been on Soundclick and I think it would be fair to say that knowing Burp has helped her in some way with that. However, it wouldn't matter a hill of beans if she didn't also bring something else to the party and that element is an electronica mixture that certainly pays tribute in all the proper ways. The two tracks I have heard from her so far - No 1 and dragonfly eat holland - although markedly different in style (the former strong and assured, the latter an experimental track that stretched the genre) have a distinctly Burp-like sound and texture. Now maybe that is because of the musical roots they both share, or maybe it's all just coincidence..

Whatever it is, we likes it.

Now that I have a few tracks under my belt I feel it fairly safe to hazard a judgement and say that her ouvre probably is more dragonfly than No 1. Despite it's quite odd and disjointed beginning, the chaos and oddity of Space Zoo is strangely appealing but - like her earlier track - will take some getting used to. To be sure there is an element of 'lets see what this noise does' about the track but after you put a few plays on it, you won't even notice that. I should also say that I have been growing closer and closer to experimental music (yes, infected fits too) so it's a given that I would look on this more favourably than some spotty techno weenie who can't count any higher than four.

Nonetheless, I would also recommend this for the breadth and range of sounds being used, and the way that decollage slice and dices them. Special notice here for the baby crying samples in the middle of the set, it cracks me up every time I come to that bit, the way the vocals sit in the track is just perfect. Ultimately though, I don't think this track has all that much going for it outside of some interesting sounds and a nice mix to go with it. Right now, there is a lot of competition in this field, not least from Burp himself, and I personally feel that decollage must up her game a little to stay in the running. There again, that just me talking all competitive, I don't think decollage even cares about that and why should she? Well, there is getting a larger audience for a start and even in a field as wide open as electronic experimental, individualism is going to count for a lot.

Competent experimental electronica with some nice sounds.

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