Friday, February 16, 2007

Rooney Tunes - Pink Leather Jumpsuit

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Despite an incessant barrage of abuse from me about his lyrical content and the easy-listening style of his music, I doubt that Mike Rooney (aka Rooney Tunes) loses much sleep over it, and neither should he. It's just an opinion, after all, and I just happen not to like slush and goo in any form, although I have a special venomous sting for the musical variety. I joke, of course, but not by much because the truth is that as much as I am in awe of Mr Rooney's talents, his music has yet to find a chink in my chitinous armour.

Although a lady in a Pink Leather Jumpsuit may find a way in....

I think the one thing Mike and I can agree on is that we love women. I have been an inveterate woman-watcher all my life and not just for the naughty bits. It's the look of them, the smell, the way they carry themselves, the clothes they wear. It inspires me, as it definitely inspires Rooney Tunes because every track I have heard from this artist has been about the subject. It's in the musical transition where everything falls apart. Not because Mike Rooney is doing anything wrong whatsoever, which is the reason I have so much guilt about these reviews. The man is very talented at what he does, it's just that what he does leaves me pretty cold.

Sure, I can appreciate the technical aspects of creating what sounds like a cheesy '60's film song, complete with an arrangement that wouldn't be out of place in (say) an Austin Powers movie. See, in that respect, PLJ has it sewn up tight. I can even see the go-go dancers prancing around to it while it's inane patter rattles around my rapidly mortifying ear canals. I've always had an intense loathing for the easy listening side of the force, and as much as I admire the remarkable work Mike Rooney has put into this track, I still can't get past that shudder factor. You most likely will, especially if you like your cheese delivered with consumate skill.

Highly Recommended nonetheless, especially if you like the genre/general idea.

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