Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Savium - Conversations With 17 Complete Strangers

Hear The Track Here

It's been a long while since we heard anything from the POP (Project Overseer Productions) site, and being the person I am I had enough bouts of guilt about it to go over there and mug Chris Bishop (sole prop with the missis) for a track to review. Always someone to be relied on, Chris came right back and suggested I apply my ears to Savium, a completely new name to me. Savium appears to be a one man band from Denmark, a surprisingly musical country as it happens - in common with a lot of Scandinavian countries. Funnily enough, it's mostly electronica or pop, you don't hear that much Scandinavian rock, albeit of the instrumental variety.

OK, who did the comedy sigh? Not nice.

I know (only too well) just how many 'rock instrumentals' are out there, and I know the number that are good enough to be out there and the difference and a quarter will take you to the moon. Alice. For my money, it takes a special kind of talent to make a rock instrumental that is good enough to capture the fickle ears of John Q. Public and his consort. The other way around the dilemma of being someone who is only listened to other musicians is to make the tune interesting in and of itself, by whatever means necessary. Savium do a great job in both areas and Conversations With 17 Different Strangers would certainly fit my personal criteria for downloading it...

You can hear the hesitation in my voice, can't you? The appearance of The Inevitable Butt. The only reason I am not doing that is because this is a track whose tendency to wander into prog-rock is not mah thang. The music and performance (not the mention the production) are all absolutely spot on the money. Now considering there are four tracks on Savium's POP webpage, I'm sure there is something there for a prog-rock philistine like me, after all quality is no longer the question. Savium's got it happening, whatever your preference.

Excellent instrumental prog-rock. Highly Recommended.

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