Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cinnabar - Lost and Found II

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You would have think, after all this time, even the village dog would have a really good idea of what makes the Gilmore day go smoother. One thing that doesn't make my day do anything but plummet vertiginously into a gloom the size of a continent is a sentence that starts 'modeled after Genesis'. Moreover, what would really have me hammering planks of wood over the doors and windows is to know that said 'modeled after Genesis' was true to the word. I have a mere snippet of the whole track apparently, the original is over twenty minutes long. My mere snippet weighs in at a truly gut-busting almost ten minutes long. Now considering that Cinnabar has fared extremely well by me, even grabbing a couple of Must Have's along the way, I have to ask....why me???

Yeah, yeah, I know. I ask for it.

As I say, over the space of around three tracks, I have found Cinnabar much to my liking which is why I went against all my fears for my sanity and with great trepidation started wading through this track. At least I knew I had a very good chance of being entertained at least, even if the style doesn't suit me. If you have ever heard the work of Nad Sylvan and Bonamici (collectively known as Unifaun) then Lost and Found is right up your alley because it does indeed follow in some hallowed footsteps. Musically this is everything I have come to expect from these excellent musicians (also a duo incidentally); quality music and production regardless of your own personal preference. Back in the day I much preferred the version supplied by Yes than by Genesis and this track sounds like a blend of the two thus, to my ears at least, eminently more listenable.

Structurally this is pure unadulterated prog-rock complete with sweet sounds, flashes of ambience and shows that Gary Judge and Matt Tyson (aka Cinnabar) know their genre extremely well. Well enough to stretch it far enough to even encompass a well known prog philistine like a certain reviewer we know. Now that takes some skill, and believe me I'm unusually critical of prog-rock and alert for any sniff of ego stroking. What seems to have changed in the prog-rock world (at least the online one anyway) is too be making pieces of music that make perfect sense - even for a whole ten minutes. If Lost and Found were my track, I'd be feeling a hell of a warm glow from it and probably wouldn't give a toss what anybody else thought.

Perfect prog-rock. (Ed: OMG!! OMG!!! They killed Gilmore!!!) MUST HAVE.

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