Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ron Gragg - Unrelenting Strength (New Version)

Hear The Track Here

And no, I didn't get to hear the first version, so don't go there. I've reviewed around seven of this Christian Rock musicians tracks and - give or take - liked much of which I heard. I have to admit that it's his more overtly Christian tracks I have liked most but Ron is a very decent guitarist and songwriter whatever you may think of the genres he chooses to work in. On the surface of it, Unrelenting Strength (in whatever version) has Biblical allusions - where do you go in times of trouble type of thing - but as I say that has never put me off any Christian artist and indeed has been a goad to finding the best of them.

Like a lot of home musicians, Ron does the best with what he's got and the result isn't too bad, although most of his work has that inevitable home produced ring. Unrelenting Strength is a song, something which Ron has a taste and aptitude for, even though I have yet to hear something from this musician that truly inspires me. Still, the one thing I have learned is that you never can tell where the next surprise is going to come from and Ron certainly knows enough to be able to up his game soon...

Like a lot of Europeans, I find a lot of American music mawkish and sentimental; especially about lurve. This is exemplified most (and one of the reasons most people shun it) in the Christian Rock category but could well apply to a large amount of American solo projects. I lived in the US, I married an American and I understand that - however it may look to outsiders - they really mean what they say. Fortunately. Ron has only skirted that particular swamp a time or two but not on Unrelenting Strength. Its an acoustic song, performed with Ron's usual skill and while not likely to set the world on fire, nothing to be ashamed of either. Except for the odd mix, this is a very pleasant acoustic listen indeed.

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