Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pidgeman - Solitude

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It was OK keeping track of things at the beginning, I used to only review on one site, now I'm reviewing through damn near thousands and - as usual - having trouble keeping it all straight. I try and stick as close as I can to the Soundclick list in principle but there is always something else elbowing its way in. Victim of this snafu this month is my old friend Pidgeman, and for that I offer big time apologies, and get right on the case. Pidgeman is actually an artist I look forward to reviewing; he's a rock animal through and through who knows that the key to it all is the song - and he's written his share of good ones.

I've actually reviewed the companion piece to this track, surprisingly enough called Alone (June 2009) but don't run away with the impression that Pidgeman is one of these morose sorts. Far from it, nearly all of this musicians tracks have a lightness of being for all of its rock content. Funnily enough Alone was the first instrumental this musician had ever given me, and this is the second. Where Alone was mainly a rock instrumental (and a ballad to boot), Solitude is an out-and-out acoustic rock instrumental, and yes almost a ballad.

As we all know, instrumentals are a dime a dozen around here, so why should this one be any different. The key word here, my disbelieving friends, is taste, and lots of it. As well as having a truly beautiful sound (not an easy thing with acoustic instruments and percussion) the guitar leads - there are two: acoustic and electric - are exactly right. The pace and phrasing is as impressive as the sound and I can see this one doing extra well over at Mixposure - the radio friendliness of this track is awesome. Now, I don't particularly like either ballads or instrumentals but I certainly make an exception for this solitary beauty.

Excellent acoustic guitar instrumental. Highly Recommended and a MUST HAVE for Pidge fans

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