Friday, November 13, 2009

District Verdant - Zero Hour

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First track up this month from Mixposure is District Verdant who - it seems - we've only just met. Their track, Easily Charmed Man (October 2009) was one of the last tracks in last months review schedule. That's just the way it happens sometimes. Anyway, it helps that District Verdant are yer actual rock band and that's never a bad thing in my book. Easily Charmed Man was probably more Alternative than anything else but showed a well presented package (ooeeerrr) that - although pleasant - didn't inspire me to either keep it or give you earache about it.

Still, that was only the first....

Zero Hour, on the other hand, is pure classic rock - riff city. It should have been exactly what my tired old bones were looking for and - like Easily Charmed Man - it never really came up to the mark. Don't get me wrong here. I liked that first track, probably better than this one and that is down to pure personal taste and nothing whatsoever to do with the band or even the production. See, that's the problem when you have a group of people who obviously know what they are doing and how to do it. Everything stands or falls on the strength of the material being performed and IMO, Zero Hour doesn't cut it.

Again I have to say this is nothing to do with the band doing right or wrong, but ultimately Zero Hour just isn't that strong a song. Seeing as it's only a whisker away from four minutes long, it shouldn't tax you overly much to go and have a listen and make up your own mind. In a world that throbs with the likes of Avalanche, Fortune, and endless number of other standout rock musicians, that songwriting bar is scarily high. To be sure, with a slight adjustment of the mix to make it a touch heavier (and edgier) District Verdant certainly come across with the musical goods - the ending of this is excellent plank spanking - but the songs need something more...

Try it and see.

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