Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wreckless Music (Ejay) - I Cry

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I would imagine that one of the worst things about being a rapper is finding decent music to test your raps against. I know I've heard some real stinkers (and I'm not talking about the rappers here, just the music) and - for my money - there are very few unsigned rappers who haven't come a cropper once or twice over this thorny problem. When I reviewed his first track submitted to me - Gemini (September 2007) - I was deathly afraid that we were not going to see eye to eye on this particular issue. Since then, however, Wreckless Music has upped his game considerably and Old Times (October 2008) ended up as one of my Tracks Of The Year 2008 so he's obviously doing something right. Moreover, unlike a great many unsigned rappers, I don't breathe a weary sigh when I see one of his tracks on my review list.

Always a good start.

Teaming up this time with Jinn Thao (aka JT Instrumentals) who seems to be doing quite well in terms of fans and listener stations but is a new name to me. Considering that Jinn cheerfully admits that he makes his tracks 'on the cheap' it still manages to sound surprisingly good although, for my money, I could have done with a tad more definition on the kick drum considering that its front and centre for much of the time. Jinn Thao's music is, by his own admission, piano driven and that's a difficult act. Simplicity, as always, is the key and this is one thing that Jinn does extremely well; this is one of the sparsest hip hop tracks I have ever heard.

Doesn't stop it working though, and working a treat too. Now, you have to realise that I don't really like the softer side of the hip hop world with all it's incredible 'twee-ness'. Such a charge could never be leveled at Wreckless Music, it's the quality of his lyrics and his delivery that mark him out from the usual wannabees. Mind you, he's still deep in lurve and that's never a pleasant experience (at least not in song) but even so, his lyrics are better than most girl-boy scenarios. Now I admit that I am biased and that normally I would run away from a track like this but I do understand there are lots of people who like this style, and this IS a class example of it at least.

Recommended soft hip hop.

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