Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fortune - Just For One Day

Hear The Track Here

So the burning question of the hour is, am I any further towards the end of this bands output? Out of the twenty seven tracks on their Soundclick page, I've already reviewed ten so I am making some inroads. If this sounds like carping, allay your fears because out of the ten tracks I have reviewed almost ALL of them got a Must Have rating from me and that certainly doesn't happen anywhere near often enough. Mind you, even since I first came across this Boston based band with the jaw dropping All Sold Out (December 2008), they have been an oasis of classic rock in my review lists. Not bad for a band that sounds decidedly American in its rock outlook, because it is the best of American rock (no screechers, leechers or creatures). Horny handed workers of the musical fields. God, I hope that sentence isn't libellous - I already know it stinks as literary comment.

Today, my boggle-eyed friends, you become temporary members of the Lucky Bastard Club because you get two varieties of this track; the MP3 I am reviewing, and a live (maybe?) video version on the band's Soundclick page. The thing the video points up for me is one of the main reasons I like this band. It really IS all about the music. Not for these guys lame props, Armageddon style fireworks, or spangled Y fronts; they look like a bunch of guys who just wandered in off the street to play some music together.

Although, to my ears, Just For One Day doesn't come up to the usual (very high) standard of songwriting this band is capable of. Certainly it's likable enough, especially if you already know what the band can do and it will - I'm certain - grab new listeners as time goes by. If this all sounds like damning with faint praise, this is not my intention. If any of us had written a track as good as Just For One Day we'd assume we had been touched by the rock hand of God, but when we are talking about Fortune, I've heard them do better. See, that's the problem with making great tracks, you have to follow them.

Highly Recommended classic rock.

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