Monday, November 30, 2009

Pilesar - Simplexity

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There is strange, there is peculiar, there is clinically insane and then there is the state of Pilesar, a strange aural experience that somehow widens your horizons while messing with the gimbals and widgets of your brain. Even so, I KNOW he is the strangest musician on the planet but to give him a Parental Advisory?? In all the time I have been reviewing Pilesar, I have never known him to be anything other than wholesome and family-friendly - even if that family happens to be weirder than the Adams family. So, having perused the lyrics from ass to elbow, I can confirm that no one seems to have taught Pilesar any naughty words, so what gives?

I try not to use that many quotes in my reviews (I consider it lazy), I couldn't resist this one. Here is how Pilesar describes making this track: 'Some friends came over and asked me to show them how I made my songs. They sat on the couch and over the next hour watched me compose and record this piece on the spot. The only gear I used was a Yamaha keyboard, a few effects pedals, a hand held tape player and a microphone' The really funny thing is that it actually sounds like that AND a piece of work that took thought and patience to put together. Long time fans of Pilesar will understand immediately that he really does pull this stuff right out the air. Where other experimentalists twist themselves in knots trying to come with something different, Pilesar pumps it out in industrial quantities.

Of course, it wouldn't be that good if Pilesar didn't know exactly what he was up to and IMHO, the best Pilesar of all is the Pilesar embodied on this track. If there is one artist I would dearly love to see live it would be Pilesar. Not just because of his incredible dexterity with anything he can lay his hands on (for example, the sander on Simplexity that finishes the track by polishing your ear canals), but because when he is freestyling like this there isn't anyone to touch him. Remember this when you are listening to this track and wondering whether I have lost my mind. I'd like to see you do this, live and on the spot...

Quality weird. Highly Recommended Experimental.

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