Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mista Perez - Temptation and other things...

Hear The Track Here

A track now from Mixposure and a musician I met while hanging out in the chatroom during shows over there. Mista Perez is from NYC, one of my favourite cities on the planet, and he asked me to review a track called Temptation. So far, no normal. Somehow or other we must have figured out a link so that I could download the track, and it duly sat on my HD until it's time came and then - I only get approximately one minute and six seconds of it. I can only imagine I have a crap download and there is actually a whole song existing out there, falling in love, getting married, having babies etc rather than this dwarf I'm saddled with. The greatest shame is that it actually sounds like a real good R&B song, well produced and performed so why waste all the effort and piss off in the middle of it?

Now, grip tight because this is where it gets scary...

When I then dutifully went and looked on Mista Perez'z'z'z'z Mix page, did I find Temptation? Did I ****. Now, I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like a half assed review and I cannot allow something like that to sully my reputation (Ed: Should I tell him? Should I?). So with no signs of a quick BJ (Ed: Dude! You can't say that!!) OR any other kind of temptation, I thought I'd have a listen to the tracks that were all present and correct. Pure is exactly what it sounds like, a pure ramble through jazz and funk and all stations to disco, and so beautifully produced and arranged you could eat your dinner off it. Or, as someone commented on the page and I agreed with, 'Good love music!'

The Perfect Team is, unfortunately, my nemesis in musical form; the dreaded power ballad. Moreover, not only a Power Ballad but an R&B tinged one and I must have spat oceans of venom in that particular direction. There are very, very, very few people who can actually pull off the right combination of music and emotion to make it resound with people. Prince, to my mind, is such a person. At his prime, NO ONE could touch that man where power ballads were concerned, and remember I can't stand the things. The other reason I mention the Purple One for is because Mista Perez delivers a very Prince-like sound here - again with a production excellence that fits the music beautifully. Definitely an artist worth checking out. Oh, and if you find Temptation, send her back to me - preferably whole.

Genre? What Genre? Highly Recommended Smooth.

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