Saturday, November 21, 2009

Digital Amnesia - Overload

Hear The Track Here

I think we are all suffering a considerable amount of digital overload in our lives, so much new space to fill and so much junk to fill it with. Damn, have we ever had so much fun? For me this digital world we now live has enormous blessings, not the least of it being that I can make music for pennies rather than hundreds of thousands. It also exposes us to the almost unlimited amounts of fellow musicians (hereinafter referred to as The Competition) who listen and comment on our work, although true listeners are obviously the real deal but hey, any port in a storm; got to get what you can. So, what are the odds on Digital Amnesia being an electronica musician? Kinda sounds all space age and electronicky doesn't it?

Nothing on the webpage other than his name (Eddie Shelbourne seeing as you asked, and he's from Nottingham so stfu now) and a page that shrieks dance Ibiza style. Uh oh right enough. As you know Trance is not my favourite musical tipple, in fact most of it makes me want to vomit copiously - which I gather is also part of the ritual. No matter, because I have heard some damn fine trance and being an intrepid and fearless reviewer, I crank it up. AS I WAS SAYING (turns down sound), most trance to me isn't all that interesting to listen to, it definitely fits the bill when you are off your face and on the dance floor but to actually listen to? Now maybe I'm just a damn philistine about all this (Ed: you are, you are, now dance ****** dance!!) but... Still, even Overload contains enough musical meat on its four-to-the-floor bones to keep even a wizened Philistine's lunch where it belongs.

Although it is obviously home produced, Overload is surprisingly crisp and punchy (also rare for indie trance which is probably why I hate it so much). Its only noticeable in certain sections and only if you know what to listen for. I think most people would either groove on this - because it is a good dance track with a great deal of inventiveness - or not, depending on what they thought of the genre. Now I'm as loose as Lucy the call girl as far as music is concerned but most trance does bother me. Overload actually didn't (although there is considerable sparseness in there) because of the times the track was happening. I could certainly see this going down well in the place it was intended; the dancefloor.

Inventive (now there's a thing) Trance. Recommended.

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