Saturday, November 21, 2009

(am) - Soundtrack CD

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There is no doubt that over the last couple of years, the review blog has introduced me to a great many musicians from outside Soundclick, sometimes with excellent results and sometimes not. To be honest, getting tracks from elsewhere is also my own way of stopping Soundclick becoming stale for me. As it happens, several people have said that they like the oddities I come up with this way while others say I should stick to 'the list' ie the review thread on Soundclick. See, can't win. Whatever, it's my review situation and it works for me - and by extension - for Soundclick. It attracts these musicians there, and it introduces to Soundclick's musicians artists from hither and yon. Such cross fertilisation is a good thing. How, for example, would I have come across (am)?

There is a track on Soundtrack called Taleopptak that is sooooo different than anything I have heard on Soundclick (or anywhere else for that matter) it makes reviewing the accompanying CD a pleasure. You can imagine my mood when I was pitched this 'soundtrack' album but the sheer quality of (some) of the work negates any real criticism. Then when I heard the opening track of this twelve track project, my spirits plummeted through the floor. Two minutes of tinkly piano sounds and a crackle is not my idea of fun. What came next is exactly my idea of fun; music with fire, vision and more ideas than you can shake a stick at. Musicaoltranza Digital Label is the place where it can be heard and believe me this is so worth hearing. Naif.super introduces you to the real deal and don't let that tinkly intro fool you. The vocals are not as full blown as in subsequent tracks but this is a lovely piece of music.

(am) are a duo from Italy and I notice that Ophelia Dorme (another Italian band) share the same net label, and both made a marked impression me so checking out Musicaoltranza's catalog is a must for me. There are some pretty long tracks on this CD but they all are so listenable you don't notice how much time this is all taking up. It's taken me for-fekkin-ever to really assimilate this huge body of work, and even then I've only just scratched the surface. Oh, btw, the tinkly pianos seem to be standard for every intro and after a while you don't even notice it. I singled out Taleopptak as being one of the highlights of this project but every track after that steams. It seems kind of unfair to praise one but not others. All told, this is a very bold sound, and as I say, so much to take in it will keep you busy for weeks. About as original as it gets my friends, go see...

MUST HAVE oddness with a stroke of genius.

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