Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ian Dadon - The Comedian

Hear The Track Here

The world we live in can be an intimidating place, especially when you are new to this whole online thing. I've never been a fan of the whole 'pound the noobs' school of community building and often go out of my way to new people so when Ian Dadon was pounded on for saying something in someone else's review. Now normally I just see that stuff as being background noise but this time I think Ian was sincere in his approach and consequent replies on the subject, so I put him right in a PM. Then I discovered that he wasn't such a noob after all, just inactive, nonetheless been on Soundclick for around three years. See? Ya never know when the bear you are baiting turns around and starts biting.

Complete bollocks, says Confucius. He's probably right too.

I listen to a fair bit of commercial music but for years and years I've survived on a mainly indie diet and I feel better for it. A consequence of which that I tend to describe people in terms of indie artists I know, and of course being unsigned they may not be known everywhere or by everyone. My first instinct was to say he sounded a bit like a lo-fi version of NZ's own John Paul Carroll but that's merely a surface impression because - despite the sparsity of actual accompaniment (ie none) - it's a surprisingly complex piece of acoustic music.

Voice and guitar solos are the hardest things to pull off properly and one of the best aids of all is strong material and Ian seems to have a surfeit of that. There is enough in the exactly five minutes that The Comedian runs to power two peoples normal tunes so ideas are not the problem here. The sound obviously is because, although clear and well recorded, its still as basic as it gets. What is does perfectly is to highlight both the song and the vocal that puts it across - certainly lots and lots of scope there. Excellent introduction to this new songwriting talent.

Excellent ideas. Highly Recommended Acoustic rock.

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