Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Frequen-Cee - Bad Man Sin

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I think I may have been guilty of an audible shriek when I saw this musician in the review list this month. A shriek that, like most shrieks, could be taken two ways. A running away shriek, or a come-hither shriek? Well, neither as it happens, it was as noise of surprise at the sight of an old friend. See back in the day (Ed: Oh God, here we go...) Frequencee was one of the mainstays of Soundclick's electronica crowd and was a major participant in Soundclick's own little golden age (from late 2003 to 2005), and its been forever since I last heard from him. Doesn't look like I've reviewed him through the blog (which I started in 2006) and the last actual review is from 2005. Still from what I can remember the guy always delivered a hefty punch, and besides it's nice to see old friends.

So long as they don't want anything...

Bad Man Sin is placed squarely as Electronic:Breakbeat and a very fine example of the genre it is too. Ross McCleary (aka Frequen-Cee) is from the UK and it shows (at least to me) in his musical style, drawing heavily on DnB and Garage to make a sound that has but one purpose: to be played as loud as humanly bearable. All taking place in a warm climate amongst like-minded people, who can't stop their bodies from obeying the track's central message - move your butt and part-tay...

Ol' Freq's become a bit adept at mixing together rock and dance sounds and Bad Man Sin is tough as old boots and just as wiry; a surprisingly good combination in the right hands. I think we should all get on our knees at the altar of Native Instruments and give thanks for Guitar Rig. There was a time when Soundclick's electronica community almost ruled this roost, and it was because of tracks of this quality and drive; the unstoppable, must be heard assault on your senses that only a musician who knows what he is about can deliver.

Awesome slice of hard, in-your-face rhythm. MUST HAVE electronica.

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