Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ron Vogel - Blazing

Hear The Track Here

Although he is a new name to me, obviously Ron Vogel has been around a bit according to the info on his Soundclick page. Certainly long enough to work out all them little black dots (Ed: Ahh, that'll be musical notes then Gilmore...?) and their place in the universe. Looks like he's got enough guitars for all those notes too. Anyway, enough of blind jealousy and let's get to Blazing. Downloading the track initially I noted that this was another slice of prog-rock (which seems to have a growing trend of late) and hoped - with all my might - that it wasn't going to be one of 'those' kinds of prog-rock. Some I can stand (barely) but some makes me vomit on sight and this, my credulous friends, is not a pretty picture.

So here we are with a cracking start, a wall of prejudice right from the get go. Oh lucky day. About the only thing I require from a prog-rock track (other than it ending quickly) is musical coherence ie a decent listen. If I wanted to hear someone spanking a plank at supersonoic speed I'd go to You Tube which seems to be invested with them - all I might add, to no great avail. Having said I have herad some good prog rock on Soundclick and I had high hopes of at least being entertained. 'Just having some fun...' Ron says in the song comments and looked at that way, Blazing is a bit of fun and - surprising for the genre - is a song and not just some ego stroking instrumental.

A song that, for some obscure reason, reminded me of the band called Hawkwind in full spate. Quite why that should be I'm not sure, unless it's the tone of the song. No matter, I guess it is musically complex enough to pass muster as prog rock but to my ears Blazing owes more to mainstream rock than the Big Hair=Big Ego school. OK, now I've had the fun, it inspires me to listen to something a little meatier (lyrically) than this although 'Frederick Nitche said it best, "Pain remembers, pain regrets" ' is sure as **** going to take some beating.

Nice slice of rock. Recommended.

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