Thursday, November 19, 2009

James Crosbie Hancox - Walking Wounded

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Fourth one down so far for Liverpool's very own James Crosbie Hancox who is definitely not yer ordinary Liverpool musician. Nope, James Crosbie Hancox is an awkward cuss, musically speaking. In real life he's probably a real nice bloke, the kind you'd happily down a beer with (Ed: face it, you'd down a beer with a brick wall), musically though he will insist on being, well, one dimensional. That's partly because all of the tracks I have reviewed so far are from the 'Painting in numbers using only one colour' project which basically means that each track is in one chord. Mmmmm, sounds like fun.

Well actually it is, kinda/sorta.

Although I have problems with each of the tracks soundwise, I don't really have a problem with the material itself. In fact considering what it is, it's surprisingly listenable - and that applies to this track as much as any of the other three. He's a bit handy with the old tune you see, and that is what always seems to save his bacon every time. Regular readers will already know that I will overlook all kinds of sonic errors so long as the energy and spirit of the track is there, I have to say, in this musicians defence, that I am not so perturbed about this tracks sound, everything sounds excellent.

Moreover, when all is said and done, Walking Wounded is an absolutely cracking song, full of tasty little aural surprises not the least of it being the vocal. A splendid turnout all round, I'd say and far and away the best James Crosbie Hancox track I have heard so far. It would have been nice to glom some lyrics (what I could make out I liked) while I was about this review but hey, that's the way it goes. Give this a bit more time than you normally would and I think you'll find it grows quite successfully

Excellent Alternative song. Highly Recommended

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