Friday, November 27, 2009

The Modems - The Evidence

Hear The Track Here

Far and away the best thing I have found this year, the UK's Modems have rung bells consistently ever since they first appeared on Soundclick. Put it like this, I have reviewed three Modems tracks, and each of them has a Must Have rating. So, up there with the likes of Azoora, Can't Stop The Daggers et al? Absolutely, and not just because of my own enormous bias towards this kind of UK pop. In the space of those three tracks the Modems proved - beyond all shadow of a doubt - that they not only knew what they were doing, they had some enormous talent to do it with. If you asked me yesterday if I thought the band could top The Devils Lodge (October 2009) I'd have said an emphatic no - and I would have been dead wrong. The Evidence is the Modem's finest moment yet, and it happens to be a track from 2008 (presumably just uploaded).

I freely admit that I have a very soft spot for quality indie music, the kind that marries sound, song and performance into a track that moves and touches and both the bands I mentioned in the first paragraph as famed because of that. The Evidence suggests strongly that those two bands have some very, very nifty competition. I can see you thinking that this is just me floating in a sea of hyperbole as normal but I challenge you to prove me wrong. First off, The Evidence is an impeccable slice of Alternative pop in the finest tradition. It has a decidedly Scots sound about it, and not just because the lead vocal has no problem singing with a brogue. Reminds me some of Jack Bruce, and that's no bad thing.

As if six minutes and change were not enough to convince you that The Modems have an extremely bright future, take a look at the video on the bands Soundclick page. It's obvious that The Modems spent huge amounts of time putting the music together because its damn near faultless, but the video expands that vision to a remarkable degree and is - I suggest - something to do while you are downloading this track. It's well worth while because it's a six minutes plus cartoon which looks tailor made for this track and is something I'd be raving about, had I seen it first. You will need the distraction because you will download the track, its one of those tracks you just can't miss. Right up there with the big boys...

MUST HAVE Alternative Pop. MUST SEE video too.

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Kulamafi said...

modems are amazing. Totally sold!