Monday, November 30, 2009

Fear 2 Stop - Tricky Treats

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Coming up to the last two tracks of this month, it's a given that one of them would belong to Houston TX based three piece experimental band Fear 2 Stop. This band is so prolific that they have appeared in just about every single months review since I first started doing them on Soundclick. I could have sworn that I started reviewing them sometime in 2003 but the first review I can find of them is Science Friction (January 2004) so it's just me getting old. Nonetheless, from January 2004 to now is five years so its a good run. They have some 197 tracks on their Soundclick site and it looks like I've reviewed at least half that number. So the real burning question of the hour is....

Should I submit my bill now?

Although we haven't always seen eye to eye over the years, I've grown very fond of Fear 2 Stop's particular brand of experimental, an always shifting rhythmic base and a blend of analog and digital that definitely sets them apart; at least to my ears, having become acclimatised. This definitely is a band you want to ease into slowly, even if you gobble up every bit of experimental music on Soundclick. A great many people have found out that Fear 2 Stop may not look like much on first glance, but always deliver if you give them a bit of time. After all, they've been around long enough, right?

Obviously our timing, as usual, sucks the big one. As you can gather from the title this is the band's version of Halloween and, if you are a fan, there is much here you will recognise. On the face of it, it's a fairly conventional track despite some of the aural weirdness being thrown into the mix and it shows (me anyway) just how much fear 2 Stop have progressed over those self same years and kept to their original aural credo. Of course, as I said, it doesn't please everybody. I know there are plenty who just don't get Fear 2 Stop but that's OK because it doesn't matter; there are still the rest of us loonies. :)

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