Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bilbozo Ft Devodale - Magic

Hear The Track Here

Are you aware that Mix Radio is now broadcasting a show every night? My problem is finding the time to spend there but whenever I am in the house working away during that time you can bet Mix Radio is on in the background. Aaahhh, I can hear the howls of rage from here and it pleases me. Oh perfidious Gilmore, where is your damn loyalty? Welp, Soundclick doesn't have an actual radio station per se, does it? Let alone LIVE DJ shows such as Mix Radio features. The reason I am banging on this particular drum is that one of the collaborators on this track is also a Mix DJ (hint: it isn't Bill). Bill Smith (aka Bilbozo) is a guitarist, and this being Mixposure that is hardly a surprise, it being an unashamed plank spanker site. Think then how Bilbozo feels knowing that he (or any other guitarist for that matter) faces competition every which way. A bit like being a hip hop musician on Soundclick I guess; only the very best really stand out.

As it happens, and because of my continued exposure to Mix, I have developed a nice little taste for a lot of the guitarists over there; Bilbozo being just one of them. I heard a track on last Saturday's Mike-K show featuring Bil and Buddrumming and absolutely loved it, nodding like some car back seat animal - and I don't often do that. Too old, ya see. Scared my ******* head will fall off. Anywayyyy, Bil gets guitars, bass, arrangement and production honours on Magic, Devodale supplied keyboards and drums and someone called of Songboy3 coming in with lyrics and vocals. First off, I think all three spirits involved need to receive a well deserved pat on the back for the effort put into this track; great in every single way - and nowhere more so than vocally.

Whoever Songboy3 is, he has a very serious set of pipes on him...

Magic turns out to be a nice blend of electronica and rock with vocals that are somewhat reminiscent of one Jon Anderson of Yes. Certainly as far as performance and material this is indeed a slice of magic, but whoever pixie-dusted this bad boy off they missed a spot. Getting the vocals in the mix in the right place sometimes doesn't quite work, especially where the vocal doubles up; either that or the mix doesn't quite cut right in those spots. An atom sized quibble though, when combined with the musical muscle and drive this track has in its favour. Worth listening to for the vocals alone but by God Bil can reduce a grown guitar to matchsticks and Devodale is someone I need to look into in his own right.

Excellent blend of rock and electronica. Highly Recommended.

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