Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can't Stop The Daggers - One Or The Other

Hear The Track Here

Despite all appearances to the contrary, it's actually been a bit of a slow year for Arizona based four piece Can't Stop The Daggers. This is because they have been working on a new album all this year many of whose tracks I have heard in demo (right off the board) form. Having said that One Or The Other is a 'brand new idea live from the board at practice' so we are not quite out of those woods yet. With anyone else I would have issued them their marching orders, but Can't Stop The Daggers are a very special case - with an enviable catalog of poppy, radio friendly alternative rock.

Aficionados of this band will know their penchant for penning a notable song, and it mostly doesn't matter how its delivered the song still shines through. We also know that Can't Stop The Daggers have a beautiful touch with this kind of material and that - thanks to this live track - we know that they can sound like this anytime too. Still, that's always been the hallmark of this band, right from the start. Their songs are instantly recognisable, instantly familiar thanks to their relentless delving into their musical roots.

In my mind, that ability to break new ground while staying as familiar as rain in August (Ed: Gilmore is confined to the UK) is what makes both the band and their material work for me. As such then, where others deliver garbage can mixes as demos, Can't Stop The Daggers give us a close approximation of the real, albeit flat and lifeless in the mix. In this case, it's what's happening musically that is of interest and considering this is right off the board it sounds fine enough to me. To be sure, I'd love to hear this done in the glory it deserves, but this will do in the meantime. Why, o why is this band not signed and famous already...

Excellent CSTD live performance. MUST HAVE alternative.

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