Sunday, November 22, 2009

Linwood Riley - Brainiac Theme

Hear The Track Here

Little did we know back in the days of LeO IcON9 ByTE19 (that's a bandname btw) that we were looking at a veritable hit factory wherein ALL the members have subsequently branched out with considerable solo projects - the most prominent member currently being the much applauded Rascal Theorist. The Muse Machine (which LeO IcON9 etc eventually became) aren't exactly prolific though, I've only reviewed a couple of tracks of theirs. Speaking of which this is the second Linwood Riley track I have reviewed, the earlier one being Gotham Raid/Who Is The Brain? (June 2009). Mmmmm, wait a minute. Gotham? The Brain? and now the Brainiac Theme? I smell a DC fan in the building and I'm not talking about Washington. If you think I've suddenly taken to spouting rubbish (Ed: they always thought that, people only come to laugh at your attempts at English) ALLOW me to explain.... Harumphhh DC Comics is what I'm talking about chums. Home of all things Gotham. Comics! The stuff of boyhood and wild dreams.

Obviously made a BIG impression on Linwood because he's still there :P

Seriously, ALL of the fourteen tracks on his Soundclick page have a DC comics theme to them, but I guess thats not much of a surprise seeing as Linwood cavorts in the Instrumentals: Film Music category. I can tell by that sudden intake of breath that you know what's coming next. Well, as it happens, you forget the earlier reference to everything that comes from this talented group of individuals. Linwood isn't going to do your standard film music you and I have become innured to. For a start, Linwood, like all his bandmates is a consummate sound professional - whatever he makes is gonna sound great. Then it's just a question of deciding whether you like it or not. Ahhh, but there is an added ingredient and you can see it by clicking here.

See ya in a few...

While they are finding out that Linwood has a very ambitious project in the works, which looks utterly amazing which is why I put the link there, Let's delve into the aural underworld of Brainiac, courtesy of the man. Whatever else it is, it's a dark and lonely spot, heavy with menace and foreboding - all very DC so far then. As I say, one of the prime elements of this track is the setup and production, bringing an awesome build that just goes on and on until you want to run out in the street and scream at your neighbours. It finally lets you go, like an aurally drowned puppy, three and a half minutes later with a palpable sense of relief and well-being. Now that is what I call film music, who needs the pretty pictures, this is enough to scare the beejeebers out of most listeners. Can't wait for the project to go live... and yes, I'm a comic buff too. There, I admitted it.

Brilliantly wrought, edge-of-your-seat terror. Highly Recommended Soundtrack.

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