Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Papa Baloo - Sticking It To The Man

Hear The Track Here

Personally I think it takes a huge pair of balls to stand up in front of everybody in the world and loudly proclaim 'We are the s***!' (Ed: hope they mean good). Either that or they are merely as delusional as the rest of us, so let's find out. Papa Baloo are a four piece band from the US influenced (so it says on their webpage) by the likes of Primus, Tool and Tribe Called Quest, all of which is good to go with me because - when all is said and done - its all rock innit? Looks to me like Papa Baloo specialise in off-your-face rock with a sense of humour to match.

Yep, my kinda guys.

The track itself is a testament to the powers of drug taking, being amiably played and sung by an obvious bunch of stoners so - I guess - you would need to be broadminded about the huge drug problems for it raise a chuckle. Me, I was doomed to this life by a very mis-spent youth pioneering (as it should be seen now) the many altered metal states which can be obtained by different cocktails of drugs. I am fully aware that although the whole world seems to take a very dim view on the perils of drugtaking, surprisingly large amounts of people DO take them - and relish the opportunity.

There again, I have also spent a life being a musician and the one thing I have learned - beyond all shadow of doubt - is that doing drugs messes with your musical senses. I suspect, however, that Papa Baloo's tongue is firmly in their cheeks and that Sticking It To The Man is exactly what it appears to be, a harmless bit of fun that - with the right chemical stimulus - could probably be riotously funny. I did, in fact, like the track but I think I'd want more than a musical joke before I could decide whether Papa Baloo were in fact 'the s***!'

Interesting construction. Recommended with a bag or two.

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