Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fear 2 Stop - Barbecue The Rabbit

Hear The Track Here

Houston, Texas isn't, to my knowledge, a placed renowned for its oddballs. Like every other place on Earth though, it does have its share. We know three of them. Billy and Dana Castillo and Raymond Proseus are the oddballs in question and collectively they are (well) known as Fear 2 Stop. As a matter of interest, I checked to see when I first encountered their brand of aural mayhem and it was with Science Friction (January 2004). I wrote, at the time, 'An artist who I am definitely going to hear from further methinks'. Little did I know that Fear 2 Stop would bedevil and bewitch me in equal measure ever since. Arguably one of the most prolific 'experimental' groupings around, I think I have reviewed all 171 of their tracks in those years and - it has to be said - I have developed a taste for their style.

It's a racing certainty that some people will think me deaf upon discovering that Fear 2 Stop inhabit an increasingly strange aural world and no doubt some will think me certifiably insane for liking such 'rubbish'. Me? I say **** em. There again, faced with five minutes facing up to barbecuing cute little furry critters doesn't exactly blow up my skirts either. One of the things that has become prominent in Fear 2 Stop's style over the last couple of years is their reliance on a solid rhythm and that - for my money - is where they really score and make tracks that appeal to a much wider audience.

Musically this is way up there with some of this bands best works, although your definition of music would have to be well stretched to fit this into that category. See, I've had a relev...rever....revemmm vision thingie. The reason its always hard to define Fear 2 Stop's music is that it is basically made of layered noises, occasionally propelled by said deft rhythm accompaniment - all done in analog stylee. When it works it's knockout and when it doesn't it's just baffling. In the case of tonight's menu of rabbit barBQ, the music track works - and indeed so does the vocal(?), but in differing ways. Shows that the band retains a nice bright flame of originality at least and, at least to my ears, is one of the most accessible F2S tracks in a good while. Bring your own sauce.

Original LOL experimental. Highly Recommended (even for vegetarians)

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