Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guanoman - The Lives and Loves of Rat Men

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Probably the most anticipated review for me this month just has to be this one. Seems like ages since Guanoman last cavorted through the Soundclick forums and I for one am extremely glad to see his return. Although I may live to regret those words because Guanoman is not the easiest of musicians to cuddle up to. He describes himself as 'a one-man collision of chaos and order' creating 'ectopian pop for hairy children' which is a mix of 'avantelectrodeathspazzmathcore' So there. Just plain weird is how us reg'lar folks would describe it and that is the main reason I am glad to see this artist reappear. You can never get enough silliness, you know. A bit like pianos in that respect.

I first met him when I reviewed Bokonosolonoronach (October 2003) and wasn't that impressed but further tracks (and a couple of alter-egos) showed an artist as experimental as it gets and along with the likes of Pilesar, drt, Richard Dunlap and many others gave Soundclick a bit of a Golden Age between 2004-2006. The last actual Guanoman track I reviewed seems to be Goddesszilla (February 2006) where I ended up spouting that it was 'an example of just how far he can stretch the envelope - ANY envelope...'. So what's changed in three years? He's got a lot, lot scarier so if the OMG intro doesn't do much for you I wouldn't bother listening any further. However, if you do, you could end up wishing you hadn't, but then you'd be a pussy wimp and you wouldn't want that fact broadcast would you?.

OK, hold tight to your ears...

The Lives and Loves of Rat Men is nothing short of a physical beating over the head with a very blunt instrument and you know what? I loved it. Absolutely for certain this isn't going to appeal to around 99% of the listening public but hey wtf do they know anyway? Seriously don't play this track AT ALL if you are a nervous disposition. People who live in a war zone will just shrug their shoulders and pass on. This is incredibly hard to pin down stylistically and its billed as Avant rock which could - and does - mean anything. Not like anything you have ever heard, or maybe even want to hear again but that's not my opinion. There are so many ideas lurking inside this beast it's amazing.

MUST HAVE experimental (in the truest sense)

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