Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Charlie A - Read The Rules

Hear The Track Here

Although LOL is undoubtedly the acronym of choice amongst the internet crowd, it's closely followed - as we all know too well - by a million others. All as baffling to a newbie as rocket science but one will definitely stand out to anyone new to this internet lark, simply because its been bellowed into their faces on numerous sites, in a myriad of different ways and copious amounts of SHOUTING RTFM!! (Ed: RTFM=Read the f****** manual!!). So why then, do they persist in doing exactly the opposite? Instead they clutter up the lives of regulars with 'how do I?' 'review me!' and the inimitable 'peep my s**t' to the point where most of us has - at one time or another - completely lost our proverbial rag at some poor unfortunate who just happened to infringe the (necessarily) strict rules of Soundclick's Critics Corner forum. Charlie A obviously got so sick of it, he decided to automate the process.

See, say what you like about Charlie A, the man's thinking.

For those who have only been around for five minutes, Charlie A is a well respected contributor to Soundclick and other sites, purveying a very listenable blend of soundtrackage (not usually something I like) and more left field instrumentals and songs. As a point of fact, I did hear this when Charlie released it and had a good chuckle to myself about the timeliness of it. At the time, if I remember, we were getting bombarded by hordes of eager beavers all wanting the reviewers to peep my etc... The most amazing thing is that Charlie managed to put this very instructional song together without any swearwords at all!!??

Nope, he does it with the kind of lyrics all newbies should have tattooed on their foreheads. 'You got to read the rules, if you want feedback for your song' he lets us know in no uncertain terms, 'You got to read the rules, if you want feedback. It wont take long, maybe 2 minutes, depends on how fast you read. As long as you read the rules'. That's it and that's all that's needed. Especially when you encase it with the weirdest sounds Charlie has ever come up with. It swaggers between a hefty hiphop and a suave jazzy touch and at one and a quarter minutes it won't stretch anyone, and believe me, it's an amazing listen. Fellow regulars, save your sanity, just link the noobs to this track! My God, bits of this sounded so like early Soft Machine it was scary... Terrific meld of styles, very funny and oh so different.


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