Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silvertrain - How It Feels To Fall

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Regulars should probably skip this paragraph or so while I bring people up to date with a bit of Soundclick history. It's been a bit of a month for the re-appearance of a lot of the faces from Soundclick circa 2004-2006, by many regulars of Soundclick a mini Golden Age of great music. Right up amongst that group of heroes were Silvertrain, two likely lads from the South of England who made some of the catchiest rock tunes you ever heard, most of which is contained in the unmissable (where have you been?) The One To Blame CD. The release of that CD seemed to herald a high spot for Silvertrain and they haven't really caught that style since. Mind you, they do have difficulties so we'll always take what we can get.

What we have, latterly, is a whole wodge of work from John Brandon (Ritchie Allen being the other half of the 'train). John's songs have fared reasonably well with me, some of which ended up on the Nine Lives EP (August 2007) which again show why I hold these songwriters in such high regard; short, simple and to the point. No muss, no fuss. Take How It Feels To Fall for example, its 'just John and an acoustic' so best not expect too much drama. And yet...and yet... As I say, I have a tremendous regard for their songs and John has always had a keen ear for the right moment.

No doubt in my mind that John has sharpened up his recording side because How It Feels To Falls sounds great, the guitar tone comes through beautifully and the vocals (although a bit reverb'y) are the icing on the cake. Took me a minute or two to get used to the vocal style though, I had no idea that John could sing at that pitch. There again I should because that trademark high voice is an essential Silvertrain element. Overall, though, the song itself is the thing that will win you over or not. As someone who is plagued by tracks that sound like they were recorded in a bucket, a track like this is a breath of much deserved air. Like all good Silvertrain tracks, its short and succinct. The very essence of pop and a beautiful song and treatment.

MUST HAVE for fans certainly. Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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