Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Self Tort - One Hour With You

Hear The Track Here

Like many of my generation, certain words hold enormous resonance for me, and one word especially captures a whole wodge of specific memories. That word is Vietnam. While not being directly affected by the war there (unlike my American cousins) the events certainly shaped and molded my life just as effectively. The reason I'm banging on this ancient drum is because of a trip Brian Ralston (aka Self Tort) took there, this song is the result of those experiences. Funnily enough, despite all the bad memories, Vietnam is a place I have always wanted to see for myself. It's a country that has fascinated me for years. One Hour With You describes one of the experiences well known in that country - then and now, or so it seems.

Musically it's a superbly presented swing track, principally acoustically driven and as sleek as a new puppy. Add to that the confident, assured way that Brian relates the tale and - in my world - you got a winner. Ahhh, but my world meeehhhh (waggles hand). Damn it, everyone knows that I like practically everything, so me saying this is a winner means squat. Mind you, I know a whole bunch of people who like Self Tort, but there again they are all like me too. What is a person to do? See, I'm certain there would be some who would go 'eeewwwww' at such a smooth (even sophisticated) track like this.

But what else can you expect from a two year old ;)

Although I haven't been there the last couple of weeks, I know that this track will go down a storm on Mike K's Saturday Night Rocks show on Mixposure - Brian is often in the chat there. Not sure whether I got the Eastern influence from the track, mind. If anything is sounded kinda French, but given that France also featured in the same war - and the extensive colonisation beforehand, I guess that would fit too. One Hour With You (if you give a minute or two) will show you that Self Tort is not a musician to be taken lightly - whether you like his style or not. I happen to like a great song, well performed and that is exactly what this track is.

Mon Dieu! Excellent jazz swing. Highly Recommended.

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