Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fortune - See I'm Not The Same

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At this stage of the game, Boston based classic rock band have gained four must haves from me with five tracks, and that is a very good batting average indeed. Mind you, the words to bear in mind here are 'classic rock' and you know I'm gonna lap that up. There again to be really rocking my boats, the band would have to have the production side of it down pat too and Fortune score in that department as well. Moreover, even for a prog-rock philistine like yours truly, their tracks somehow don't have the same 'oooh-look-at-how-clever-I-am' patina about it that the old guard (US style ie Kansas, Styx, Journey) had in abundance. Nope, the tracks spell out that this band actually enjoy what they do, and as a consequence make it enjoyable for the listener too.

Regardless of personal preference.

Soundclick, over the years, has been a great place for rock bands and Fortune's arrival at my door at the end of last year was a very welcome addition to my listening world - it's a given that I was looking forward to hearing this track. Tell you what, here is a little test of why I think this band is so special. Take a listen to the first twelve seconds of this track. Twelve seconds, not a lot of your time, is it? Yet, in that twelve seconds, Fortune will wrap an all encompassing rush to the ears with an irrisistible urge to listen to the whole track and I guarantee by the fourteenth second you are rocking away like a good 'un.

That, my friends, is the beauty of getting it right. Every time.

See, the truth is (as I think I've made clear) I can't stand the style but damn, you got to admit that Fortune is exactly the band who CAN deliver it with confidence and a jaw-dropping authority. So clearly do they evoke the period that I can feel my mullet regrowing and that - believe me - can only be followed by the greatcoat and the knuckle dragging, the dandruff and the whole sorry story. Nope, I'll just stick with absolutely loving what can only be described as the utlimate rock experience. Mind you, none of this would have made that much headway with there being a solid song at the heart of it. See I'm Not The Same says exactly what it means, not the same at all.

MUST HAVE Classic Rock (American Style)

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