Saturday, June 27, 2009

333maxwell - Going Nuclear

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You would think, wouldn't you, that considering the amount of comments 333maxwell has for other peoples work, that it would somehow be reciprocated but no. Wouldn't just know it? Not one comment on a track that has been on here a month already. God, what a lazy bunch we are at Soundclick huh? Eager to get comments and reviews, not so quick to return the favour - a measure of our times. When I first met Max I reviewed The Leads and Lags of Elevator (November 2007) I spent most of the review salivating over the kit on his page but subsequent tracks have shown 333maxwell to be a never ending source of great music and good songs, or t'other way round...? Anyway, he's had some very well deserved Must Haves from me, including his last track Cancun (May 2009) and excellent acoustic song performed with his customary panache.

Now available in nuclear, apparently.

While reviewing Cancun I compared his manner to something Paul Simon might have been interested in, and that influence is carried on in Going Nuclear, although he's not alone this time. Hold on, let me get this right. Better yet, let the man speak 'John Holgate created the song structure and played acoustic guitar and piano, and I played the Bass guitar and wrote and sang the lyrics. We both swapped leads in the solo' OK, got all that? You certainly won't have time for all that while the track is whizzing about your ear canals, you'll be too busy going 'woooahh' and '****!'

Good? I should bloody coco.

As a musician and songwriter Chas Holman (aka 333maxwell) has covered an immense amount of musical ground since that first track, and the distance is reflected in this track. An absolutely superb example of rock that will absolutely bowl you over the first time you hear it - even if rock isn't your usual thing. There is a point, I think, where a song - whatever genre it is couched in - is just so good almost everyone could find something to like in it. Lyrically, performance, arrangement, pacing, all the musical ducks in a row and - unlike some - manages to keep the warmth and emotion in the track intact. 333maxwell has been on a bit of a roll for a while now so its worth checking out just how good it can get around here.

MUST HAVE rock (but so much more than that)

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