Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Dead Company - Afternoon Show (Brutal Mix)

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Yes, yes and yes, you are quite astoundingly clever to have reminded me that I have reviewed this before. But hey, get over yourself this has been known to happen before a time or two. Not often, but enough times to make me wish I could sometimes go back and change reviews. The original Afternoon Show (February 2009) was the first flowering of a collaboration between TDC and Larry Ludwick, at first an unlikely combination although - as I said at the time - it worked well. The combination again of Jon Bushaway's discerning electronic soundscapes and someone used to declaiming poetry may well be kinda odd in sound, but is altogether different in the music flesh. Definitely listen to the original I say for an example of why this collaboration is a bit special,

I have known this musician since forever and I must say I find his music so much more textured and nuanced these days and - dare I say it? - almost accessible. Of course, I also know that The Dead Company has a bleak, unrelenting vision that comes through any piece of music and there are bound to be people who would be scratching their heads about this decidedly different track. It's considerably extended over the original, adding three plus minutes and definitely restructuring the whole feel of the thing.

Putting the two tracks together is a useful exercise and as much as I liked the original for its spare treatment, I absolutely love this for its feel and texture. IMHO it does make for two distinctly different tracks, both worthy in their own right but hey, this one definitely does the business for me. Even the vocal on this seems redone, more fitting with the drama and tension of the track, and maybe that's the case. Whatever it is, it works. Whatever trepidation I felt with the original treatment of this, this mix more than makes up for it. The original gained a Must Have so I guess you can imagine where this is going.

Adventurous, challenging experimental. MUST HAVE.

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