Tuesday, June 09, 2009

LadyBear - Crocuses

Hear The Track Here

Over the past year I have picked up more and more review requests through my Rebel Riffs blog, LadyBear being the latest, introduced to me by Amy Nicholls, one third of this three piece UK based group. Currently recording their first album in a proper RL studio produced by one Morgan Nicholls who - surprisingly enough - turns out to be Amy's brother. He also has the distinction of being bass player for The Streets and is currently the keyboard player for Muse. Sounds serious huh? Judging by both the track and the video I should say so, and keeping it in the family is a real good way of making sure of it.

The ultimate test though - no matter how pretty she may be ;) - is can she cut it?

Again, taking all the tracks on the bands website into account, I'd say absolutely. The reason I am concentrating on Crocuses is because its by far the most finished track and the video only adds to its impact. Musically pumped up by fellow collaborators Louis Matthews and John Martin, Amy Nicholls supplies a scorching track that - to my ears - has an instant appeal for someone steeped in English music. Musically, Crocuses draw from just about everywhere (I even heard a trace of Siouxsie and The Banshees in there) and is a loud, in-your-face wake up call, which the video only underlines.

That isn't Amy in the video, in case you were wondering. That's an actress.

Crocuses comes across as the real deal in every way. Alternative/Rock at its finest, produced in widescreen stereo, the song powers its way into your brain with consummate ease which - to me anyway - proves how hard they worked at getting it sounding as good as it does. Underneath all the musical fireworks though is a great song, powerfully and professionally delivered by musicians and technicians who know what they are doing. The internet never fails to throw up musical surprises and I am glad to encounter such a pleasant one. LadyBear have exactly what it takes to make it in the RW, if that is where they want to go. Excellent music in every way.

MUST HAVE Alternative/Rock

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