Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pidgeman - Crazy World

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As always, its the purest chance who gets to be first in the list but I bet Craig Matthews (aka Pidgeman) is feeling a golden glow right now; yay! First!! (even before Thomas J, which is no mean feat). I first met Pidgeman over at MP3 Unsigned reviewing Misery Loves Company (November 2007) - still probably his best known tune I think. At the time of that review I mentioned that Pidgeman was a (rock) artist to keep and eye on but I may well as keep me mouth shut because Pidgeman has been a welcome addition to my review list on a very regular basis which is cool on two points: he rocks and he knows how to put a good tune together.

Half the battle, right there.

On the whole I've found Pidgeman's output satisfying enough, although there are sometimes areas in which we differ but I guess that's just the way it is. I think its fair to say that Pidgeman used to be a bit of an acquired taste - moreso if rock of the old school is not your scene but his latest tracks have been excellent, gaining a whole string of good ratings from me and even one Must Have - Not Another Love Song (March 2009). There again, I am a dyed in the wool rock animal from way back and when Pidgeman is firing on all cylinders (song,arrangement, performance and production), he is a force to be reckoned with. Like Not Another Love Song, Crazy World is yer basic kickbutt rock tune performed with tremendous drive and energy but - to my mind - carrying a much stronger hook.

It's a treat for shreddies too (Ed: shreddies, guys (usually) who salivate while watching guitarists) because the lead work on this is perfect; rough, riotous and rocking the house. Mastered by James McCormick it says in the song comment and I wonder if that's the key ingredient here. See, I've always known Pidgeman had the kind of rock stones that mark the good musicians but I haven't - as yet - heard that killer track from him. Welp, Crazy World changed all that. A terrific rock song in every way, with a message even your dog could relate to. What amazes me is how incredibly American Pidgeman sounds considering he comes from somewhere in the middle of England. A great song, even if rock isn't your thing.

MUST HAVE jolt of adrenalin.

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