Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twisted Angel - The Corrupted

Hear The Track Here

I've reviewed a couple of tracks from this very different hiphop artist and been very impressed indeed. Mind you, that's because Twisted Angel happens to hit a couple of my own musical pleasure buttons; goth rock and hard style. Some Kind Of Monster (April 2009) introduced me to this Canadian based musician and although a decent listen, had a rough diamond quality about it. Tempted By A Sinner (May 2009) tightened up the act considerably, this time emerging as a extremely forceful goth rap track that has to be heard to be believed. If you are into the goth thing, here's the hip hop version.

'It ain't commercial, it ain't radio friendly' is how Twizzie describes The Corrupted and I'd say he's right. If, however, you have taken a liking to this particular rappers fairly unique take on this, The Corrupted shows exactly why. One of the defining features of the goth musical movement is the vocal styles; either soft and pliant, or harsh and abrasive, and that is what Twisted Angel brings to the party echoing squawkers such as Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Korn, all of which - along with Eminem - Twizzie cites as influences. He claims he's worked hardest on this track than any, and I'd say it shows, especially vocally.

This track comes completely with the obligatory Parental Advisory but the cussing is kept to a minimum because - as Twizzie has proved before - he knows what to do with the language. He doesn't need filler. 'This song says it all when one wonders what Twizted Angel sounds like.. ' he says in the song comments and again I find myself nodding sagely at his choice of words. It is certainly something I will point to when faced with the question that most bedevils my life. Yeah, but most hiphop is crap right? Wrong. Most of it is brainless pap, but every once in a while, someone does something different. Twisted is different.

Highly Recommended goth rap.

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