Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jon Solo - Elisabeth Shue

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Normally when I receive review requests from Soundclick artists through my blog, I'll either direct them to my forum signup threads or ignore them completely until they learn some manners. The only reason then, that Jon Solo scraped by is because of two little words: Elisabeth Shue. Ever since I saw this gorgeous woman in Adventures In Babysitting I have seen almost everything she has made, and judging by Jon's track, I am not the only obsessive on the block :) Essentially its a song about seeing a girl that looked like Elisabeth but who needs an excuse to bring the real thing into the conversation?

(Ed: That'll be enough of that Gilmore...)

Citing the Beatles is always a good start, especially with me and - while downloading this track - I also noticed that this was billed as Britpop. Now considering that Jon Solo is from Charleston, SC in the yoo Ss of A, got curiosity nodes really buzzing. Funnily enough, both the Beatles reference AND the Britpop tag apply here although the songwriting shows the country of origin. Mind you, that counts as the most over the top navel gazing when put against the actual track. You'll be too busy marvelling at this beautiful little track to question its validity; production, performance and the extremely gorgeous close harmony work that is the standout element of the track for me are all polished to a high shine.

There is no doubt that, some forty years after they first appeared, the Beatles are still a massive influence in music and Jon Solo pays wonderful homage to the Fab Four. Yeah, yeah, but isn't that just copying you might ask? In some cases, I would say an unequivocal yes but I have come across a good many artists on Soundclick that have transformed the sound into something of their own. Jon Solo goes considerably further than that by paying the utmost of tribute in the best way possible. One of the enduring things - for me - about the Beatles was the sheer beauty of their music, vocally and instrumentally. THAT is what Jon has captured here.

MUST HAVE Pop (Brit or otherwise)

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