Saturday, June 27, 2009

Simonesongs - 3 Wishes

Hear The Track Here

Every once in a while, I'll go on a random-click rampage - especially if I am particularly bored. Usually I confine such surfing to Soundclick but other sites as well. I'm looking for one thing usually, good female musicians in general and female songwriter singers in particular. Nothing pervy in it, ya understand, it's just that I like female musicians, especially vocalists. Something about the female voice that really does it for me. So when I reviewed Simonesongs Synthetic Sugar (January 2009) I found myself in hawg heaven. Not only was Simone gorgeous, she can sing with experience and skill with a songwriting skill that is evident from that first track.

AND she can rock!! (Ed: her band too....sigh)

Synthetic Sugar got an immediate Must Have from me and has been played much since then. That gutsy, hard rock attitude that informs and propels Synthetic Sugar to such excellence is also the springboard for 3 Wishes. A big, brash sound that leaps into your ears, 3 Wishes is yet another example of what makes Simone (the lady AND the band) just that little bit special. The backstory is that 'Bryan (the keyboard player) wrote this track after dissecting a bunch of Paul McCartney tunes' and I can see that, moreover it's the rockier side of Sir Paul which I happen to like very much. Simone adds the icing on the cake with her vocals. Pretty much all the main wish groups right there ;)

What really singles Simone out for me is the sheer effort they seem to put into each track, everything just so and yet rocking so hard it'll rattle the teeth in your head. Should I live in the beautiful state of Florida, I would be wondering if this band could be seen anywhere live because they are exactly what I would want to see at a gig. Powerful, intelligent and hard working. I know that, and a quarter, won't get Simone uptown - as the Americans say - but hey, you have to garner praise where you can and I can't praise this artist enough. A very classy act.

Terrific Pop Rock track. MUST HAVE

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