Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mondays Not Home - Windows

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Although Mondays Not Home is a new name - and a relatively new band too by the looks of it - it's amazing that they have managed to do with some very famous names. Essentially the band is 15 year old Travis McCarthy and Daniel Farrell who have been together about a year, however the other musicians appearing on this track should give you a hefty clue. On drums, Donovan Gall, rhythm and lead electric guitar: Mike Foster (Avalanche) and bass: Stephanie Krowka. Not to mention Micheal Corsini and Rob Grant who play on another Mondays Not Home tune. The common element that links all these people together? Step forward uber-producer David Pendragon, whose son is in the band and who is currently massively mastering Avalanche tracks. Solid gold way before you get to hear the track, know what I mean?

And that's before you read/view this - and you must.

When you are dealing with veterans (I use that most sincerely) like David Pendragon it's a given that the production values will be as close to faultless as it can get. The same can be said for all the other musicians on this incredibly poignant and uplifting track, including the two young guys who came up with the song and it's vocal performance. As a father myself, I wish my boys would grow to be as proficient at evoking emotion as these guys. There again, the subject matter is extremely close to home. Taking aside the obvious emotional pull of a track like this, it would still be a blinder of a track; performance, production and songwriting are all top notch - but I expect nothing better when Mr Pendragon is involved.

Windows has an acoustic guitar driven side that is extremely well done, the slight oddness in the rhythm making it stand out even more but it's when the rock side kicks in that the point is driven home. Mike Foster is on fine form, his leads are immaculate, his rhythm slashes a highpoint of the rock section. The real stars though are the two vocalists, delivering a fresh, energetic rush that keeps getting better the more you hear the track. Daniel Farrell, in particular has a voice to savour and one that - with time - may well become as world class as his Dad. Don't worry about th' yout' now mon.... They got it and they know what they are doing with it and it sounds bloody maahhvelous darling...

A great track for a good cause. MUST HAVE Indie.

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