Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minimack - Ain't Gotta (Mastered)

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To most normal people (I use that term advisedly) the whole rap scene is a source of horror and outrage in equal measure; and on Soundclick it is magnified by the amount of outright rubbish there is in the genre, and its visibility on the site itself. Considering that most Soundclick members are not exactly open minded music wise, it also figures the same would apply to some of raps rougher, sordid edges. Although I understand the anger aroused by some of the more outre examples of bitch I'm sorry, I'll rephrase that. Although I understand the anger aroused by some of the more outre examples of abuse to females in rap, and nod wisely when caught up in a realistic conversation about the implications of this on our children. I still like the music and I guess that's my curse.

Keywords: Parental Advisory Explicit Content *****! *******! ****! ***!

Although I can take the rough with the smooth hiphop on Soundclick, it has to be said that there aren't that many of this type of rapper I like and when I do it is usually because of the beat behind the rap. Now I know Mack and he seems like a decent guy so I have to admit to feeling a bit daunted by some of the images in this track, while being amazed at the way the man was putting it down. Musical action from Shadowville Productions supplies the kick in the ass the rap needs to fly, and is a classical example of the way to put the beats JUST right. One of the best beat factories on Soundclick by far..

One of the hardest tricks with working this way is getting the fit between backing track and vocal right and is also where rappers who mostly work this way fail. On that score alone, Minimack shows how its done with breezy style and - if you consider some of the lyrics - is often side splittingly funny, wonderfully accented by some technical trickery that makes the rap more efficient in its impact. There again considering what Mack is doing to this poor girl in this song, maybe I shouldn't be so flippant. Naaahhh, **** that!! Probably the best Minimack track I have heard yet. The man in fine form. Extremely naughty, but is it nice?

Highly Recommended hiphop (and a MUST HAVE but for the PA rating)

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