Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Edgar Pond - Senesence

Hear The Track Here

As regular readers will already know, every month I take a track recommended by my good friend Chris Bishop (aka Project Overseer) and cut it up a right treat. Well, actually, I WOULD but the one thing you learn about Chris real quickly is that he has a fine pair of ears, even if they are mishappen (Ed: which they are probably not). Not once in the almost a year we have been doing this has Chris given me anything but the very best music on his various sites, so let me introduce you to NYC based Michael O'Neil, Eddie Hester, Tim Malone and Adam Accetta collectively known as Edgar Pond.

Don't know about you lot, but I love classic rock in all its forms and whenever I come across a good rock band who can actually deliver what they promise, I'm likely to gab about it to anyone who will listen. Although it's so obviously an American rock track, it's definitely harder and meatier than a lot of their contemporaries, and that was the abiding impression I was left with. Here is a band with some solid musical muscle, kicking butt and taking names on this song about learning some of lifes lessons while having a whale of a time doing it.

What can I tell you? it's a rock and roll thing.

Senescence is all about crumbling back into dust, the fate determined by our genetic makeup. All about growing old, crusty, increasingly belligerent and finally popping your clogs. Nice subject matter huh? If you want to know more, look here and don't say the internet isn't providing you with an edumacation. Nothing old or crumbly about Edgar Pond or their Senesence though, just hard nosed rock in the time honoured fashion. See, that's the thing about having mates with good hearing, never a dull moment. Here's a rock band to stand alongside Avalanche, Fortune and all the other excellent outfits currently spoiling us to death.

MUST HAVE Classic rock.

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