Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Letitia Lindeque - Letitia Lindeque CD

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I do get sent a surprising number of CD's, even in this downloadable age and, I have to say, it's nice to actually have a nice shiny CD to play - just like Christmas innit? South Africa's Letitia Lindeque sent me her self titled CD (my boys got some great stamps from the envelope!) a while ago and I've spent the time slowly getting to know it. Slower than normal because this has been a hectic, hectic month. I'm not going to review the whole 15 tracks, but I thought I'd give you a small taste of what will be on offer when it's officially released. I reviewed Thank You (February 2009) which was my introduction to this singer/songwriter/musician wotever, and very nice it is showing that she knows what she wants.

Talk to Me, track two, is much more the electro-pop I had found the last time I visited her page and very pleasant it is too. Almost all of it is very European in feel, an impression reinforced by following Talk To Me with Angry, track three. And here I am, breaking down the thing track by track when I specifically didn't want to do that. It makes me so angry :) Letititia has a pretty high musical bar, even if you don't usually like europop, the first few tracks will definitely show that. Standout track number one, for me, was surprisingly enough a ballad. My Very Own Angel is absolutely gorgeous; a beautiful song with a killer chorus, showing off both Lettie's (oops) knack for a song and her beautiful, confident vocal. It's on her Soundclick page, go have a listen.

My only real reservations about the CD are merely a technical thing and, right now anyway, it seems to be part of how this musician does it. For my ears, the reverb is pretty much overdone on all the tracks, pulling back that a touch will allow the tracks to come through with a lot more punch. Over 15 tracks, as you would imagine, you are going to cover some musical ground - enough to tax your creativity to the limit for sure. Letititia manages to work in echoes of her homeland in the music too, and even a song or two in her native Afrikaans, Gee my net n breijie tyd and Dans met my. Personally, I think Letititia will do well because Dans met my is an ideal pop song for her country. Overall though, I think a little work now on that reverb problem will save trouble in the long run.

Excellent singer/songwriter/musician. Highly Recommended

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