Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dexter Rotten - Calling All United Nations

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Wow, you are thinking, yet another new name to explore and I'm almost tempted to let you go clicking away just to see the look on your faces when you discover what lies behind this seemingly innocuous name. In fact, I can't resist. Go ahead, take a look..... I'll wait. See?? Ain't that a kicker? Dexter Rotten, in fact, turns out to be an extremely familiar Patrick Lew, a San Francisco (kinda/sorta) based grunge artist whose works have come in for the most unenviable reviews from all quarters, including this one. Mind you, he takes the kicking and keeps on ticking and that has to say something too.

'Sounds sort of like the Rolling Stones' he says in the song comments and - like all Patrick Lew declarations - it must be leavened with a liberal application of salt. Sure the guitar tone does in fact sound a bit Keef-ish but apart from that, there is little else to it, and certainly not the awesome style of the man himself (Keef that is, not Patrick). Now I do admire Patrick for keeping on and - in some ways - Calling All United Nations is a step in the right direction. Actually, its about 2 steps forward and fourteen back but that's just splitting hairs.

Take any track from this source and you will find a guitarist/sometime vocalist who pretty much pleases himself. What differs in this guise is that is kinda/sorta recorded properly, and its certainly more dignified a track than any I've heard from him yet. As far as I am aware this track features a bass but you'd be hard pressed to hear amongst the clutter of the track itself. If you have ever heard anything from Patrick (in whatever guise) you'll know that he's not something to be taken lightly. Most of us take our early demos to a deep, dark cavern and bury them away forever, Patrick puts them on the internet for all to hear. Chaotic, basically an extended jam and not a very interesting one at that. Nice to see that he's not about to blot his copybook right yet, but I dunno.....(shrugs)

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Farrell said...

Ouch!!!!!! My ears hurt and it's not coming from your review!