Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Avalanche - The Rules Keep Changing

Hear The Track Here

Yeah, yeah, give me a second here.... If I don't get this right, I'll have Mike Foster bleating in my ear about it for the next four thousand years and ... Is that thing on? It is? Oh s*** Errr So, Avalanche. Rock on. Apparently, according to Mike (aka NAV), I'd reviewed this track before and wasn't that much impressed by it. Strange and odd that because I could swear I had devoured everything this excellent classic rock band has ever thrown my way. Having re-read the review I can see that I was underwhelmed by the track and it isn't on my hard disc which says much. Now, of course, I'm really intrigued. Am I that powerful? Deluded? Stupid? The offender in this case being the term 'filler track' as in album filler. So let me make it clear, even Avalanche's (makes a quote sign) album fillers rock better than most other classic rock bands, online or off it.

I still, to this day, haven't heard any of the stuff currently being mastered by David Pendragon (and I thirst, I thirst) so this is principally a Final mix - and if that ain't right, I plain give up. Avalanche can do little wrong for me - and a great many of their other fans - and when negative comments are made, it's usually something minor. Truth is, with this amount of experience it's kind of hard to spot anything wrong, and occasionally impossible. Generally with this band it veers between must have and highly recommendeds anyway, I think the only lower rating I ever gave them was the recommended for the original of this track.

Its obvious by reading the review that I felt the song itself wasn't quite gelling for me, and I thought the classic rock thing was a bit too overdone. There is no doubt that whatever has happened kicked more life into the track, in all sorts of ways but ultimately I came out of it with the same thought. It's a good track for sure - as it would be - but somehow it's not getting to me still. At this stage of the game, this has to be a personal preference thing. I don't know, a bit too American for me? No doubting the amount of work and effort Avalanche put into everything they do but this isn't in the same league as Ain't No Hiding In A Digital World, Deeply or the awesome The Road Less Travelled.

Highly Recommended Classic Rock.

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