Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shorthand Phonetics - Shinohara Yumi, Seiyuu Star

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Hang around a site like Soundclick for long enough you get used to the to-ing and fro-ing that occurs, but it can lead to some 'hey where have you been?' moments. Take Shorthand Phonetics (from Indonesia as it happens) for example. Seeing this track up for review had me scrabbling around for when I first met them because I know it was a long time ago. At the time I reviewed Whistleblower (July 2004) all the members of the band were 15 and - despite a dreadful sound - managed to make several tracks of energy and style. RL schooling interrupted and the band slimmed down to original founder member Ababil Ashari, and its been at least a couple of years since he last made an appearance on Soundclick.

So welcome back Abi, now what have ya got? ;)

Soundclick veterans will probably remember the original band, they certainly kicked up a storm with their rough and ready recordings, and attracted lots of forum comments, not all of it complimentary. There again, Ababil is well used to that reaction. It was fire hardened by endless carping reviews from yours truly and I definitely wasn't complimentary except in two very important areas; song writing and overall feeling. Believe me, trying to judge ANY Shorthand Phonetics by regular real world standards is completely redundant. One of the long time hallmarks (if that is possible) of this artist are tracks that sound like they have been recorded in a dustbin (American Ed: he means trashcan, damn Limey!).

Shinohara Yumi, Seiyuu Star is a classic example of what Ababil does, bringing back all sorts of memories - not all of them pleasant. I did warm - as usual - to this vocalists particular blend of punk and alternative, a taste I acquired from those earlier times. I've always thought he was a very decent songwriter too (despite often not being able to make out lyrics but hey...) and generally that ensured that Shorthand Phonetics tracks do get a warmer reception from me than most. Be warned though, as energetic and pacey as this track it is, it sounds pretty bad, and that will be a factor methinks... Welcome return though.

Indonesian punk anyone?

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